Gardens are an integral part of life. In both private and public settings, a thoughtfully designed and curated garden accomplishes many vital needs: fostering beauty, supporting wildlife, and creating a natural, outdoor living space are all part of a successfully designed garden – no matter the size or location. However, it is also through the creation of gardens that we are able to connect to the greater world around us, therefore allowing space for joy, contentment and peace.

Forest to Flora’s Amy Pelletier Clark is a garden design consultant who strives to work with clients to help create outdoor space, whether new or old, that blends plants together artfully with year-round interest. An avid plantsman, plants play the central role in Amy’s design schemes, weaving together horticulturally significant plantings from woodland to prairie, classic English borders to colorful seasonal container displays, and more.

Other services include maintenance consultancy, detailed plant lists, plant procurement, layout of plant material and oversight of installation.